Mckenzie warns new Joburg Mayor about DA insults

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Patriotic Alliance President Gayton McKenzie has warned the newly appointed Mayor of the City of Johannesburg, Thapelo Amad, from the minority party Al Jama-ah that he will have to endure insults from the Democratic Alliance.

This was after former DA Mayor Mpho Phalatse was ousted during a vote in the chambers.

McKenzie claims the DA is corrupt and a bad coalition partner.

“The Democratic Alliance and I want to mention them by name- it is the most corrupt party in the history of parties in South Africa- because they are the ones that call people corrupt. Go and see all the coalitions that crumbled, it’s always where the DA is, because they come with that white superiority complex, that entitlement. So, to Thapelo, I want to say- they are going to insult you like they insulted us.”

Amad received 138 votes whilst Phalatse and Funzi received 81 and 41 votes respectively.

140 councillors voted for the motion, while 129 voted against it. The motion was tabled by three parties – the African Transformation Movement, African Independent Congress and Al-Jamah-ah party.

Newly elected Johannesburg Mayor, Thapelo Amad, vows to prioritise service delivery: