Minister of Finance Tito Mboweni has attributed a delay in distribution of the spectrum to corruption and greed.

Mboweni was speaking during an exclusive interview with Vuyo Mvoko.

This follows government announcement on measures to be taken to stimulate the economy and to assist people who have been affected by recent unrests and also the negative impact of COVID-19.

The Minister of Finance has outlined interventions aimed at reviving the economy.

South Africa has experienced economic challenges due to COVID-19. The recent looting has also led to the country losing more than R40 billion.

The minister says one issue that needs to be attended to is the corruption that has delayed the release of spectrum.

In an exclusive interview with SABC‘s Vuyo Mvoko Mboweni said government has introduced social relief fund, tax relief and incentives for businesses with the aim of dealing with the current economic challenges facing the country.

But what needs to be done to reignite the country’s depressed economy?

VIDEO:SABC’s ‘The Watchdog” – Delay in distribution of spectrum due to greed & corruption: Mboweni

Earlier, DA federal council Chairperson, Helen Zille said South Africa needed young people who are critical thinkers to stabilize the economy and other affairs of the country.

Zille was in conversation with University of the Free State, Prof Hussein Solomon about her new book – Stay Woke, Go Broke.

Among other things the book explores is why American culture wars will destroy SA and what can be done about it.