Mbombela runner breaks record for running on his balcony

Morne Green
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The 21 days lockdown have been a frustrating experience to runners, who are used to physical activity. Most are finding it hard to temporary withdraw from the sport they are passionate about. Some are coming up with innovative ways and use the little space they have to run.

Others opt to do different exercises to keep in shape without violating the lockdown regulations.

36-year-old Morne Green has been a runner since his schooling days. The lockdown has also deeply affected him. However recently, he managed to complete a grueling 45 kilometres ultra-marathon in the 13 metre balcony of his house.

Morne Green clocked 49 902 steps in less than 6 hours during this grueling ultra-marathon. According to Green, it was more strenuous compared to road running. He says his body is still yet to recover. His knees and back took a heavy pounding.

“Your TV is next to you, the couch mentally, running pass through that, to give up, to  sit down is easy, when running on the road is not easy you get motivated by the other runners, but here is nothing, your couch is next to you, that what the hardest tough and running up and down in the same stretch, its starts playing with your mind,” explains Green.

In the video below, are fitness at home tips from businesswoman and author Connie Bhebhe:

Green says he was inspired by a French man who completed 42 kilometres in his backyard. Green is now challenging other runners, through the Community Can Challenge, to do the same and donate cans of food items for the homeless.

He feels it is one of the ways where everyone can lend a helping hand during this difficult time.

In the video below, is a full report on Green’s feat:

“When you buy a can we motivate you to basically, take a selfie with the can and slip and post on the community challenge can step that basically counts as a step of the 49 902 steps, so we wanna see if we can collect 49 902 before lockdown and we will sponsor these cans on daily basis,” says Green.

According to Green, people can place their cans of food items at Spar Crossing and the Grove shopping Centre in Mbombela. He can also be reached on the Community Can Challenge Facebook page.