Mbombela balcony runner now distributing food to poor families

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A 36-year old runner from Mbombela, in Mpumalanga, who ran 45 kilometres on his balcony, is now distributing food parcels to poor families during the lockdown.

Through the Community Can Challenge, initiated after his marathon run, Morne Green has assisted about 60 families from impoverished communities around Mbombela. The initiative has also attracted other partners, who are donating other food items.

What started as a jog to pass time during the lockdown for Morne Green, is now making a big difference in the lives of the poor. Communities that include Mattafin, Phumlani, and Woodhouse are now benefiting from the initiative. The target is mostly families headed by the elderly, who are without food during the lockdown.

73-year old Annah Sibuyi lives with her 10 grandchildren in Phumlani, near White River. Sibuyi survives on a government pension and child social grants.

“Just now, I have been wandering where would I get bread, now I have food, am so gratefully, since they announce this pandemic that kills we have locked ourselves in the house, we are scared, we can’t even go to the shops,” says Sibuyi.

Another resident, cyclist Ashiel Mitha, is part of the Community Can Challenge. Mitha says although times are tough, people can share the little they have to assist the most vulnerable.

“We need more people to get involved from the community, business, individuals anyone, small differences can make a big difference so the heart is there. We have seen how people are struggling during this time, we want to bring hope and faith to people out there as South Africans we are strong people and we can make a difference,” says Mitha.

Morne Green says after seeing first-hand the plight of the food recipients he wishes he could do more. Green has called on the public to continue donating to help the needy.

“It is real, the lockdown is real, the lockdown is real seeing people suffer like this. This lady didn’t have any food, no food was left and she couldn’t even walk. There is no way for her to get food and shortage of money, it’s a real thing, am shouting out to all the people, companies, let us come together,” says Green.

Morne Green clocked a total of 49 902 steps, in less than six hours, on his 13-metre balcony. People can place their canned food items at selected food retail shops in Mbombela and White River or via the Community Can Challenge Facebook page.

In this video below Raymond Perries tells viewers what the lockdown means for poor and the homeless: