Former President Thabo Mbeki has lambasted the ANC ‘s National Executive Commitee (NEC), saying it was clear from the onset that it did not want the ANC Stalwarts and Veterans Consultative Conference to happen.

Mbeki was speaking at the final day of the conference at the Constitutional Hill in Johannesburg. The conference was called by the stalwarts for more than a year ago in order to try address and resolve the crisis within the ruling party.

The NEC has  distanced itself from the conference saying it is not a party to it.

“The National Executive Committee I think has done itself and the African national congress and the rest of the African National Congress a great disservice by disassociating itself from this leadership which has been gathered here for three days. That obviously cannot be correct, it was a wrong decision and I trust that there must surely still be people within the National Executive Committee of the ANC who can think,” Mbeki said.

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