Mbalula urges motorists to pay e-tolls

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Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula has urged motorists to pay for e-tolls. He has been leading engagements on ways to save the cash-strapped project, given that motorists have basically crippled the e-toll system by simply not paying, despite mounting bills.

However, Mbalula now says paying for the roads would create a better economic ecosystem within the transport industry. He has also lashed out against corrupt officials, saying they are responsible for discouraging motorists from paying to use road infrastructure.

Mbalula was briefing the media at OR Tambo on the current state of aviation after some planes got grounded earlier this week.

“The lack of proper communications on the roads tariffs on the e-tolls they have played a roll also in the take up by our road users. We must correct that and this is a start. Our roads are congested and we must reduce the number of cars on the roads and build world-class roads that cause efficiency on cars. Public transport must be a key solution in all of that together with tolls and other measures. I thought I should use this opportunity to encourage users to support these entities.”