Mbalula takes to open-air bus to ramp up support for festive season road safety campaign

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Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula has warned drunk drivers and others breaking the law that they will be dealt with this festive season. He is leading this year’s road safety awareness campaign under the theme of Hooting for Life, Arrive Alive. 

Mbalula has asked the public to show solidarity with the drive to reduce road fatalities by hooting at midday every day until 31 December.

He took an open-air bus from Soweto to Soshanguve in Gauteng to ramp up support for the road safety campaign. Motorbikes led a convoy from Maponya Mall in Soweto to Sandton, and then on to Soshanguve in Tshwane.

Armed with a loud hailer, Mbalula hopped onto an open-air bus to communicate road safety messages to motorists and pedestrians.

He has appealed to road users not to drink and drive, to avoid texting whilst driving, to buckle up and to ensure vehicles are roadworthy.

“When you take up to the road, you decide to drive people, either in the minibus or in your car, you decide to drive our children. Just think about this, you need to preserve lives. Hoot for life campaign appeals to the conscious to your spirit and to say that; ‘I’ve got the responsibility of people’, whenever you take to the road, day and night.”

Department of Transport embarks on a road safety campaign : 


Mbalula has warned those who do not respect the laws of the road that they will be dealt with.

“You will be arrested if you break the rules, zero tolerance. But it has got to be a partnership. We have got to work with the people to win the fight against the scourge. We do have roadblocks where we catch those who are breaking the law and who are undermining what needs to be done. Those operations are going on. And those working in the law enforcement who are undermining what we are trying to do, we are on their toes.”

The public has been urged to hoot at midday to show support for the “Waya-Waya” Arrive Alive National Road Safety Campaign.