Mbalula optimistic ANC’s track record will help them win elections

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ANC Secretary-General Fikile Mbalula is optimistic that their track record in service delivery will help the ruling party win the upcoming elections. Mbalula was engaging Durban residents as the party intensifies its campaign and visibility ahead of the polls.

The ANC NEC has been deployed in KwaZulu-Natal for a week to strengthen the campaign.

Mbalula acknowledges that the party has made mistakes, but believes the ANC is the only party that can bring solutions to people’s challenges.

“ANC does not convince people out of fake. We acknowledge the difficulties and the challenges, but the people also know what the ANC has done. The ANC had done a lot for the people of South Africa in terms of prioritizing and then on the issues that affect them. Yes, there are challenges. We are the first to admit the challenges that we face and the difficulties that are facing us. So, we are not selling a pipe dream to the people or fake and promising them things that cannot be achieved.”

ANC out in full force in bid to win over voters in KwaZulu-Natal:

Mbalula says they are working towards winning the elections with an outright majority despite the challenges faced by communities.

“We’ve never said we’re targeting 50% majority. We have never said that. We are working for outright majority for the ANC. It is not given, it has never been given, since 1994, we work for it. As you see me now, talking to people, engaging them, giving them our election paraphernalia, our t-shirts and everything. Our people embrace the ANC, they have got difficulties, these people … it doesn’t mean that they don’t have challenges, (or) they don’t have problems. As we speak to them, they say fix that and that. We are with the movement, because that is the hope that we have got,” explains Mbalula.