Police minister, Fikile Mbalula, says he will lead a South African delegation to Mozambique to discuss hijackings near the KwaZulu-Natal -Mozambique border.

He has assured victims of hijackings in the Manguzi and Kosi Bay area that their vehicles will be retrieved and returned to South Africa.

Mbalula has been on a fact-finding mission in the region in response to protests over constant hijacking and smuggling of vehicles to Mozambique.

Mbalula says he’ll meet with Mozambique’s ministries of defence and police.

He says they’ll discuss the Memorandum of Understanding between the two countries.

He says they need to discuss cross border criminality.

He says: “Cars get stolen and are taken to Mozambique, they never come back because they are bought by public servants and officials within security forces.”

“We need to fix that because if we are going to have a neighbour who is not helping in fighting crime, that is too detrimental to the safety of the region and the peaceful co-existence between the two countries,” he adds.