The head of the ANC’s subcommittee on Organisation Renewal, Fikile Mbalula, gives feedback on the ANC’s Organisational Renewal policy on the last day of the National Conference in Gauteng on Wednesday.

Mbalula says across commissions, delegates were involved in all sort of discussions. He said contributions and feedback from all levels of the organisation had been taken into account – but that they still face the challenge of implementation. While there remains numerous issues to follow up on, the commission recommends the ratification of the decision of policy conference, he explained.

Mbalula emphasised the importance of ANC’s visibility in society, and the need for empowerment of members that are deployed in government to ensure better service delivery.

He says courts should not be used as first resort in handling differences within the organisation.

Mbalula also noted that party structures such as ANCYL and ANCWL should be supported in performing their duties of championing youth and women issues. The party noted that the Youth League should be a true representation of youth even in terms of age. “Efforts of ensuring gender parity  should be strengthened.”

The matters of declaration of interests must also be opened to further discussion, and the NEC must “manage” the two centers of power in the organisation.

In addition the commission has resolved that the Integrity commission must be provided for in the Constitution of the organisation and that its decisions must be binding.

The ANC’s 54th national congress has also resolved on the establishment of a commission of inquiry into state capture. It was agreed that the  NEC should implement the Public Protector report swiftly. Mbalula said the decision to recall President Jacob Zuma also lies on the NEC.

Dr Mathole Motshekga presented feedback on proposed amendments to the ANC constitution.

Mathole Motshekga briefed the media on issues of Constitutional amendments.

He said there was discussion in respect of reducing the number of the NEC from 80 to 60members, but that it was confirmed to leave it at 80. Motshekga said however a proposal to include provincial representation on the Electoral commission was deemed to superfluous. He reiterated that it was essential for branches to remain connected to the people, and to continue to be a living force, implementing social cohesion programmes.

Motshekga said there was discussion round the powers and functions of the Integrity Commission, and agreement that it must have original powers, not stemming from the NEC.  He said too, there was general agreement on the need for moral and ethical leadership.

The role of Contralesa, in relation to the ANC came into focus at discussions, with the commission agreeing that it should not to be included as a league of the organisation

In respect of the members, Motshekga said there was need for members to hold only one position within the organisation and to relinquish lower positions.



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