For millions of movie fans, the ‘need for speed’ is just as thrilling now as it was when ‘Top Gun’ premiered 35 years ago. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer said he doesn’t know why the film instantly became a classic, but actor Rick Rossovich likened it to the movie’s complexity.

“There’s a lot of emotional layers. A lot of, you know, things happen in the film that are kind of heavy. And then it’s all of a sudden it’s action and all of a sudden it’s romance and all of a sudden it’s the music,” said Rossovich who played Slider.

Bruckheimer is hoping to capture that same spirit again when the film’s sequel is released in November.

“Maverick is still a Maverick, that’s all I’m going to tell you. He’s still a Maverick. He’s still an engaging, fun character. And we take him on a really nice ride. He goes through a really nice character arc in this movie.”

Rossovich wouldn’t reveal if he is in the new film: ” I’m sworn to secrecy. I might show up, I don’t know, maybe I got cut out, I don’t know. Maybe I’m in there, maybe I’m not. I might just, like, be a ghost.”

In the 1986 film, Tom Cruise played the cocky pilot Maverick, one of the top students in an US training camp for elite military fighter pilots and engaged in a bitter rivalry with a fellow pilot played by Val Kilmer.

The film launched Cruise’s career as a global action star and grossed more than $350 million (USD) globally, according to film tracker

The sequel picks up decades after the box-office hit and features actor Miles Teller as the son of Anthony Edwards’ pilot Goose, who is killed during a training exercise in the first movie.

“Top Gun: Maverick” also stars Jon Hamm, Ed Harris and Val Kilmer, who reprises his rule as Maverick’s rival Iceman.

While fans wait for the release they can celebrate Top Gun Day on May 13th by viewing the movie in Dolby Cinemas at AMC in the US or on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-Ray or Digital.