The Prime Minister of Mauritus Kumar Jugnauth has called on all African leaders to rely on each other’s strengths to make up for their weaknesses.

Jugnauth was speaking at the launch of the African Economic Platform in the capital Port Louis. The conference is an initiative of the African Union (AU) Foundation. It is modelled around the World Economic Forum.

Jagnauth says the only way Africa can rise, is if its people work together.

“During these two days, we will have the opportunity to reflect in greater depth on how to boost inter-Africa trade – on the need for more flexible rules of origin on the removal of non-tariff barriers and on the measures that are required to grow on our manufacturing sector. It is important that we work together, to ensure the sustainability of the manufacturing processes and coordinate the various strategies of the production process across the continent.”

The conference which was adopted during the 29th Ordinary Session of the Executive in Rwanda in 2016, is set to boost African business through removing barriers that hamper growth. It’s also expected to address policies that can influence investment attractiveness.

– By Mbali Sibanyoni