Maughan praises court ruling as a ‘win for media freedom’

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Journalist Karyn Maughan has described the latest Pietermaritzburg High Court judgment that set aside former president Jacob Zuma’s private prosecution as a win for media freedom.

It follows an urgent application by Maughan and Advocate Billy requesting that the court prevent Zuma from pressing charges against them in the future, which the court granted.

Zuma had accused Downer of allegedly leaking his confidential medical records to Maughan.

Maughan elaborates, “I think it is such a massive relief but also an incredible awareness that this judgment has repercussions beyond myself, it was about media freedom in this country. I am so grateful that this is over, at least this particular chapter of it.”

Director of Media Monitoring Africa, William Bird weighs in on the outcome of the Private prosecution bid by former President Jacob Zuma: