Matriculants encouraged to pursue re-writing instead of repeating class

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Matric learners have been encouraged to pursue re-writing the subjects they did not do well in instead of repeating the whole year. Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga announced matric results last week and now matriculants are weighing their options.

They have also been reminded that they can ask for re-marking.

“You may just need to re-write provided that you have enough time to put extra study into improving the results. Some people think repeating the whole year, of course, that is not always the solution to repeat the whole year and if you can achieve the same thing by re-writing in June, why not. But I am not discouraging people to do that if in fact, all their marks were not good.”

Teacher union Naptosa’s Basil Manuel encouraging matric learners to weigh their options carefully before repeating the whole year.

Manuel has also reminded matriculants that they might have to explore other education facilities as schools will not always take them back.

Cosas’ Douglas Ngobeni says the matric second chance program and supplementary examinations are also other options.

“If you get a bachelor, but are not accepted into university there are also technical universities that don’t offer lesser qualifications. There are still institutions of higher learning. There is no institution of higher learning that is better than the other. So, if you don’t get a bachelor that does not allow you to get into your institution then you can go back to your class and upgrade.”

Sadtu’s Mugwena Maluleke has also encouraged matric learners to seek out foundation courses that will eventually lead them to the same qualifications they do not qualify for at university.

“So that you are able to be offered foundation phase in certain instance it might be one year or six months pre-admission course. So that you can improve your chances of being admitted in that field.”

Department of Basic Education spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga says there will be opportunities for matriculants to re-write in June and in November.

He says it will be difficult for matriculants to be accepted back in school and as a result. They should rather pursue the second chance program where they also offer contact classes at teacher centres.

He also advised matriculants to apply for a re-mark although this might clash with the university registration process.