Deputy Police Minister, Cassel Mathale, has acknowledged that police could have done better to quell the violence and looting in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

He’s part of a delegation of police top brass that appeared before parliament’s portfolio committee to discuss the violence.

Police Crime Intelligence have been widely criticised for not being pro-active to prevent the criminal acts.

Members of the police committee all shared the same sentiment.

“SAPS was caught napping. How did public have info but you didn’t? Intelligence was caught napping,” said MPs.

And, the police top brass admit they could’ve done better.

Deputy Police Minister, Cassel Mathale, says: “These unprecedented moments led to reaction too huge to expectations by security forces, despite this I concede we could have acted better, than what we did.”

National Police Commissioner, Kehla Sitole, says police are stabilising the situation.

“As I speak I think the situation is stabilising. and there is more incidents where we are foiling them before they can act. we intercepted the modus operandi and we have activated the mo counter operation. As a result a process of increasing speed of stabilisation, so we can run normalisation process.”

The police committee has called for the arrest of those who orchestrated the lootings and violence.

Police Committee Chairperson, Tina-Joemat-Petterson says: “This was well coordinated and orchestrated campaign. Want to see arrest, culprits arrested, brought to book, criminal justice system cannot fail us. We want culprits (to) rot in jail.”

Joemat-Petterson says the justice system should not dare fail citizens.

Impact of looting on businesses: