Mashele on possible Zuma exit options

Jacob Zuma at the ANC conference in December 2017
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Political Analyst, Prince Mashele says if president Jacob Zuma refuses to resign, the ANC could join the EFF’S motion of no confidence, or table its own.

“The most immediate way to get rid of President Zuma – if he doesn’t resign – would be a motion of no confidence, that would be the easiest and quickest… As you know, there is such a motion, which is going to be debated according to parliamentary program on the 22 of this month, tabled by the EFF.”

Mashele maintains that impeachment is highly unlikely, as it would be complicated and time consuming as Parliament is still to set up rules governing that matter.

He says in both options – resignation and motion of no confidence – Zuma has nothing to lose, as he would still be eligible to receive his presidential benefits were any of these exit routes to succeed.

But – if he was to be impeached, he would then receive no benefits as a former President.

In the past two days, it has been reported that the Zuma and African National Congress (ANC) president Cyril Ramaphosa have been locked in negotiations for a smooth transition.

Mashele says Zuma is allegedly trying to bargain his way out by agreeing to resign if his cabinet remains intact.

“It is alleged that he would like to see his ministers remaining in cabinet, and that is very difficult for anybody to guarantee, because a new President has all the constitutional powers to appoint and dismiss ministers.”

Mashele remains confident that Zuma will resign before the end of the weekend.


For more on what Prince Mashele says listen to audio interview below: