Mashatile reiterates govt’s support for institutions investigating Phala Phala matter

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Deputy President Paul Mashatile says state institutions that are currently investigating the burglary and theft at President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Phala Phala farm should be allowed to complete their probe.

He says it will be ill-advised at this stage to determine whether government’s efforts to combat crime and corruption are undermined.

Mashatile was answering a question from EFF Whip Veronica Mente, on whether government’s efforts to combat crime and corruption are being undermined.

Mashatile’s Q&A session in the National Assembly:

Mente referred to the findings by SARS that money stolen at the Phala Phala farm was not declared upon entering the country.

Mashatile says government is committed to fight crime and corruption.

“The fact that public institutions can without hindrance investigate the affairs of no less than the figure of the President of the Republic speaks volumes about the strength of our democracy. The government remains [committed] to fighting crime and corruption. As members are aware, that Phala Phala matter is probed by more than one public agency following the break in and theft at the President’s Phala Phala farm. We take this opportunity to reiterate our support for these institutions concerned and emphasise that they must be allowed to complete their work.”