Mashaba releases more properties for mixed use development

Herman Mashaba
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Johannesburg Mayor, Herman Mashaba, has released yet another batch of properties for mixed use development.

The move is an effort to address the spatial inequality associated with apartheid era development.

Mashaba has released 70 more properties across several regions within the inner city as part of the R20 billion property investment project.

The aim is to establish affordable housing and students’ accommodation.

Mashaba says they are fulfilling their promise to turn Johannesburg into an area which can create thousands of jobs.

“Today we are releasing another 70, all in all the city in the two and half years of our new administration we’ve released 154 buildings to the private sector. So today is the further release of the 70. It’s really a  moment where you can imagine in years to come this city in going to turn into a construction site,” says Mashaba.