Mashaba prepared to contest 2021 local elections

Herman Mashaba
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Former Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba says he’s prepared to contest the 2021 local government elections should he be mandated to do so. Mashaba launched The People’s Dialogue movement two weeks ago.

Its objective is to engage with South Africans about building a united country. Mashaba says the response to the launch has exceeded his expectations.

He resigned as mayor in October after three years in office, following Helen Zille’s appointment as the chairperson of the Democratic Alliance’s Federal Council. He says his participation in the elections will depend on the feedback from citizens on The People’s Dialogue.

“I can assure you if the participants or people giving input on the platform agree with our principles and values on the type of South African political party that must represent them without any doubt it is for that reason I’m saying we don’t have time. 2021 local government elections are around the corner and that is what we really need to target without any doubt I’ll stand as mayoral candidate for this new political initiative,” says Mashaba.