Mashaba describes EFF’s call for businesses to close as ‘irrational and barbaric’

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Action SA leader Herman Mashaba has described as irrational and barbaric the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) call on businesses to close in support of next week’s national shutdown.

Monday’s protest is to call on President Cyril Ramaphosa to resign and for an end to rolling blackouts.

Mashaba says urging businesses to close would have a negative impact on the economy.

“You’re going to the extent of asking businesses to close, asking school children not to go to school, because you are fighting Ramaphosa for failing to provide leadership to the country. That is what I am against and I am not going to apologise for this. This is barbaric and irrational.”

“What you must do as the EFF is go out there and protest, call as many people as you want, be peaceful, but please leave others who are not prepared to be part of your protest. It is unfortunate. You can imagine, in an economy where we are facing a recession and you are asking businesses to shut down for a day,” adds Mashaba.

The video below is the full interview with Herman Mashaba:

Meanwhile, the Democratic Alliance (DA) has described as absurd, allegations made by Malema, that the DA plans to hire agent provocateurs to create chaos and disrupt next week’s national shutdown.

The DA has filed urgent court applications to interdict the shutdown, in hopes to curb possible intimidation and threats of violence.

DA MP, Leon Schreiber says, “The DA is a party with a long history with commitments to the rule of law and peaceful protests. It really is an absurd notion. I think that Malema and the EFF are quite desperate at this point – not only for attention but also because they have taken note of the fact that the DA is going to go to court and actually hold them personally accountable for violence and intimidation that we have already seen.”

Stand UP SA protest must be within the law

Civil society organisation, Stand Up SA, says despite the EFF having the right to protest, demonstrations must be held within the confines of the law.

The founder of Stand Up SA Khustaz Mtwentwe says, “We must acknowledge that the country is in a crisis and something needs to be done. The DA went to Luthuli House and now it is the EFF’s turn, they want to go to the Union Buildings. They have the right to do those things, as per the Constitution.”

“How is it possible that we are in this crisis now? It is because of leadership and a country that is not being managed or governed well. So, when a political party decides to do a protest, our thoughts are that something has to be done but within the confines of the law.”