Former Johannesburg Finance MMC Rabelani Dagada has challenged Mayor Herman Mashaba to name and shame all individuals and companies he claims benefited from alleged corruption.

Mashaba fired Dagada in January, claiming he was involved in corruption.

Mashaba also alleged that Dagada had influenced the appointment of certain key individuals and companies to do work for the City of Johannesburg.

However, Dagada denies the allegations and wants to clear his name.

“Before the end of this week, I will be going to the High Court to challenge the manner in which the investigation was conducted, because I think the investigation was very biased. However, in as much as the investigation was very biased, they never found any evidence which suggests that I did anything wrong.”

“What I didn’t accept is wherein they indicated that, in as much as I may not have influenced or exerted pressure, perception that I could have done so, cannot be dismissed,” adds Dagada.