Popular television and radio presenter Robert Marawa is back at the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). Marawa left the public broadcaster a year ago.

SABC Chief Operations Officer Chris Maroleng says there has been a lot of pressure from people to get Marawa back.

“Basically Robert Marawa is back at the SABC and that is the big announcement. He will be particularly focused on presentation on Metro FM and Radio 2000 – where we will also be launching one of our innovations on the radio platform of having him simultaneously broadcasting on both platforms. On behalf of the SABC, I just want to say to Robert,  it is really fantastic to have you back on air.”

Marawa says this is a historic moment.  “It is a continuation of a journey especially when it comes to radio. Radio has always been a big passion of mine, it is something I never really started knowing that I would do and do as long as I have done now.

“So when the approach was made and the SABC said well let’s make history and it is exactly what is being done here. History is being made. There has never been a simulcast of a sports show not just one hour, not an hour and half, it is two hours across two of the biggest stations,” Marawa explains.