Mantsopa municipality lambasts media over reports of unpaid salaries

View of front of the Mantsopa local municipality offices.
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Mantsopa Local Municipality in the Free State has come out to rubbish allegations that it has failed to pay the salaries of its workers.

This after it previously emerged on media platforms that Mantsopa is one of the six Free State based municipalities that have failed to pay salaries.

A statement previously issued by ActionSA, said that the party is concerned about service delivery that has come to a halt in six municipalities in the province. The party had mentioned that municipalities of Tokologo, Masilonyana, Mohokare, Kopanong, Mantsopa and Mafube, failed to pay workers salaries.

Mantsopa local municipality spokesperson Pule Lechesa says it is unfortunate that their municipality has been listed among the six municipalities, without verification of the facts by the media.

“None of these media houses has ever attempted getting our side of the story. They have forgotten that the audi alteram partem rule should apply at all material times. It is a pity that nowadays media houses have allowed themselves to be nothing but propaganda machineries of certain political parties.

I want to set the record straight, Mantsopa local municipality has been paying salaries of its employees and will continue doing so including this month,” concludes Lechesa.

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