African National Congress (ANC) Chairperson Gwede Mantashe says the security upgrades at his properties cost him about R10 000, and not the R300 000 that former Bosasa employee Richard Le Roux alleged was spent on them.

Mantashe has taken the media on tours of his three properties in Johannesburg and the Eastern Cape.

Le Roux told the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture that a team of technicians installed security upgrades at Mantashe’s properties, including cameras, electric fencing, and boom gates.

Speaking to the SABC, Mantashe said nothing was removed from the premises prior to the tours.

“We don’t have fences; we have no electric fencing; we have no intercoms; we have no alarm systems. We have cameras. I’m not going to remove things. I have no reason to remove things because it was not theft. It was not corruption, and it was not a favour, because I had no tenders to give to anybody, including Bosasa. I will tell you that the ones that we bought ourselves was R10 000 just under R10 000; we round it up to R10 000. The additions here jump from R10 000 to R300 000 …. (that) would be quite a big jump. This is simple upfront straightforward honest evidence that I’m giving.”

Mantashe’s former head of security Mzonke Nyakaza says he decided to install security upgrades after a series of break-ins at Mantashe’s home in Boksburg, east of Johannesburg.

Nyakaza says Papa Leshabane, who works for Bosasa, which is now trading as African Global Group offered to help him with the upgrades.

“As a person who is responsible for security, I took a decision to install cameras. I bought the cameras for around R10 000 and brought them at home. When I was still trying to get someone who will be able to install the cameras – because I don’t know how to install them – then the following day Papa came to the house and when he saw the cameras, he said these are very weak cameras. I am able to get proper cameras that ‘you can be able to see a proper view.’ Actually I’ve asked, how much are these cameras? He said to me, ‘don’t worry! I’ll pay for these cameras from my own pocket. I’m a family friend here I am be able to do that,’” Nyakaza recounted.

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