Mantashe rejects suggestions ANC service delivery is linked to looming elections

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African National Congress (ANC) chairperson and Energy Minister, Gwede Mantashe has rejected suggestions that the governing party is providing services to attract votes in next year’s elections.

He was speaking on the sidelines of the Presidential Imbizo in the Eastern Cape where thousands of residents engaged with President Cyril Ramaphosa on their service delivery challenges.

Mantashe says services are not provided simply to attract votes.

“I listen to people saying that we want to deliver projects now because there are elections. Now, I reminded some of the people said that … if we deliver a water project here because there are elections, they must appreciate that because after elections we are not going to come back and fetch that water project. If we connect people to electricity, we not going to come back and take that electricity. We’ll have to deal with load shedding, that’s all we need to do but they’ll be connected,” adds Mantashe.

President Ramaphosa has told the residents of Intsika Yethu local municipality that their water problems will soon be a thing of the past. He says government will allocate a further R6 billion to upgrading the Tsomo Water Treatment Centre in addition to the R6 billion already spent.

“Now this is a world class water project in a rural area where the apartheid government never wanted to plant any development projects it is now here in this deep rural area in the Chris Hani District and it is pumping 25 megalitres of water and it is now going to improve that to 42 megalitres everyday.”

Lack of proper roads

Some residents in villages around Tsomo in the Eastern Cape say a lack of proper roads and good infrastructure makes daily life a challenge, especially during the rainy season.

Patricia Maxhanti says they get trapped in their homes and cannot report to work due to the appalling state of their roads. Maxhanti says the inadequate water supply in Tsomo and surrounding areas also needs immediate intervention..

“We don’t have roads, we are struggling. When its raining our rain gets damaged. We don’t have water. We wish president would fix our roads, and provide us with water because we don’t have roads at all.”