Mantashe calls for patience during leadership transition talks

Gwede Mantashe says expropriation without compensation does not mean land grabs.
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The African National Congress (ANC) National Chairperson, Gwede Mantashe, has asked for patience among South Africans during leadership transition talks. This as party president Cyril Ramaphosa meets with President Jacob Zuma to discuss his future as head of state.

The two have been meeting over the past few days to discuss Zuma’s exit package.

Mantashe says, “As we take this difficult decision, it is the duty of leaders to analyse and mitigate risks because you follow your heart, not your brain. It’s dangerous for any leader to follow the heart not the brain. You must achieve what you want to achieve, with the minimum risk of accidents.”

Earlier, the ANC called on the media to refrain from fueling speculation over Zuma’s future.

Mantashe has addressed hundreds of ANC members at the Elukwatini Stadium in Mpumalanga during the party’s 106th anniversary celebrations.

He has also said that the issue of the ownership and management of the economy must be addressed.

Mantashe says that expropriation without compensation does not mean land grabs.

Meanwhile, Madiba’s grandson Ndaba Mandela says he’s optimistic that the ANC will remain intact even beyond the current transitional phase.

He was speaking in Mthatha at the centenary celebrations of the late former President Nelson Mandela.

“Unity is so key. Let us not forget where we come from. Let us not forget how we were able to win this freedom to succeed in the liberation movement. Yes, we are going through a transitional period in our country but this time will pass. Some of us don’t have a choice to go and jump to another ship.  When the ship goes down, I go down. So, comrades, let us let this stage pass and we shall continue to rebuild this organisation that our parents died for.”