Mango denies it owes ACSA million leading to flights being grounded

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Mango Airlines has denied claims it owes millions to Airports Company South Africa (ACSA), which resulted in their flights being grounded.

Analysts said the low-cost airline owes ACSA millions in airport fees.

However, the airline says it has a technical problem which it’s trying to resolve and has apologised for flight interruptions.

Mango, a subsidiary of South African Airways (SAA) has been grounded for a year and a half due to financial difficulties as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The department of Public Enterprise says it is engaging with the airline to find a way forward.

Spokesperson for the department Richard Mantu says that the Department of Public Enterprise is currently in discussions with the Board of Mango and Interim board of SAA about the repositioning of their subsidiary which includes Mango in light of the delayed funding and we will inform the public one a decision has been taken.

Earlier this morning, Mango apologised for the flight interruptions, saying its team is working on clearing the delays as soon as possible.

The low-cost airline took to Twitter to allay concerns after customers reported flight disruptions and cancellations on Wednesday morning.


Meanwhile in 2020, South African Airways technical decided to lift the aircraft maintenance suspension for two out of four of its affected customers.

This followed a decision taken by the SAA subsidiary, to suspend maintenance services to four of its airline customers in September, due to outstanding payments on services already rendered.

The video below is reporting that in 2020, Mango Airline resolved its technical issue with SAA: