Mangaung Service Delivery Forum threatens to shut down city if demands not met

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The Mangaung Service Delivery Forum in the Free State has threatened to shut down the city if their demands are not met. The Forum handed a list of demands to various government departments last year and claim that government entities have ignored their grievances.

Forum leader Potso Motoko says they have exhausted all the means to get a response from government. Motoko complained about unemployment, illegal immigrants, corruption and nepotism.

“We came for the same things, they failed to respond, they failed to deliver according to our demands and we here for the last time. To warn them and to tell them if they cannot deliver according to the demands today, this shutdown march and we are not going to march again. We are going for total shutdown very soon if they cannot handle these things properly. The problem is the foreign nationals, they are influxing our township, taking over the economy and everything that belong to our people here,” says Motoko.

File Video: Mangaung Shutdown – Residents of Bloemfontein protest against poor service delivery, nepotism: