Mangaung Metro to enforce domestic pet by-laws following mauling of a boy by a pit bull

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The Mangaung Metro in Bloemfontein says it will now ensure that its by-laws on domestic pets are adhered to. The metro’s deputy mayor Mapaseka Mothibi-Nkoane paid a visit to the family of the eight-year-old boy who was mauled by a pit bull in Vista Park on Saturday.

Mothibi-Nkoane has also made a call to residents to surrender their pit bulls as they pose a danger to the community.

“As the municipality, we are very upset. We are highly concerned about what is happening in our community, especially these vicious dogs which people are keeping. When they know that they are not supposed to be among our people. And as from tomorrow, we are going to enforce our by-laws,” Mothibi-Nkoane says.

Despair and devastation

The family of Olebogeng Mosime is still devastated following his gruesome death. Mosime was mauled to death by a neighbour’s pit bull on Saturday.

The pit bull escaped from its enclosure and forced itself through the fence into the deceased yard.

The family is trying to come to terms with the sad loss of their boy, who they say was jolly. He was attacked and killed by a pitbull inside his home garage.

Mosime’s maternal grandmother says they have previously raised concern over the dog with the owner, but their pleas fell on deaf ears. Grandmother Siphiwe Litabe says the pit bull forced its way through the fence into their yard.

“Really I don’t know what to say I’m so hurt. It’s a loss to us as a family. People must stop telling lies stop saying what they don’t know you were not there stop speculating. without hearing from us as a family.”

Neighbours are also worried about their safety. Nozizwe Manyana described the dog as dangerous.

“So this is not a good day and it went out several times and we were just worried about the children because the children always place outside.”

Another child in the same area was recently attacked by a pit bull while walking with her mother. Her mother Zukiswa Litabe explains, “When the kids opened the gate the dog came out and I was with my seven-year-old son the dog attacked him. just attacked me and not me and I tried to fight but it’s a dangerous creature.”

The family says they have left the matter to law enforcement authorities as they now arrange for the funeral. Police have opened an inquest and investigations continue.

Last month, an online petition started making rounds on social media, calling for the breed to be banned as a domestic pet.

Earlier this year, the Pit bull Federation of South Africa said they were shocked to see the alarming increase in attacks on children by Pitbulls.

This came after a five-year-old was viciously attacked by the breed in Pretoria, thus renewing calls for better regulation of the dog and ownership permits.