Mangaung Metro Municipality has lost more than R1 billion in revenue on water wastage. The municipality says measures are in place to overcome the situation. It is also waiting for a drought relief grant from national government.

Water leakages have become a nightmare for Mangaung residents. Old infrastructure also results in sewer spillage on the streets.

Residents say their complaints of water leakages or burst pipes are disregarded. They say they end up fixing broken taps themselves because the municipality never responds.

“We are suffering. When we have problems with water, then we report to the municipality and the municipality takes a long time to come and resolve the matter,” says one concerned resident.

“We have a problem of leaking pipes, but now we fix it on our own. But the thing is the expenses are from our pockets not from municipality,” says another concerned resident.

Mangaung Municipality says it has put systems in place to curb the waste of water. It also says there are businesses and contractors who are bypassing the system to steal water from the municipality.

“The other problem is in informal settlement where we find that people are occupying the space, but they do not have water, we find that there are people who take water from the system of the municipality; also the old song is that of an infrastructure where you find that you have an old pipe line. But what we have done as the city is to make sure that we replace the old system with the system that is more durable,” says Mangaung Metro Municipality Spokesperson, Qondile Khedama.

Mangaung Metro Municipality appeals to residents to use water sparingly.