The removal of Mangaung Metro Executive Mayor Olly Mlamleli was long overdue, according to political analyst Professor Sethulego Matebesi.

Mlamleli was removed on Friday through a motion of no confidence initiated by the Freedom Front Plus. This was the third motion since she took up office in 2016. The opposition called for a secret ballot in previous failed motions of no confidence, but the request was denied.

The battle lines have been drawn as African National Congress (ANC) in the Free State intends taking to task members who voted with the opposition to oust Mlamleli. A list of ANC councillors who allegedly betrayed the party has been leaked to SABC News and they are being investigated.

Mangaung’s poor governance under Mlamleli resulted in the city being placed under administration. Prof. Matebesi says the removal of Mlameli should come as a relief to the residents of Mangaung who want better service delivery.

“I’m not surprised that the ANC it’s actually making once again utterance that they would take strong action against the councillors who have voted against the mayor. We have seen this in the Maluti A Phofung municipality and we have seen it numerous other municipalities in South Africa where it’s seems as if the internal strive, the internal battle within the party are actually leading to some members voting against their own party.”

Residents of Bloemfontein have welcomed the removal of the mayor.

“I’m so pleased she has stepped down and I think we are going forward as a country an city of Mangaung. I think it will be better if they can chose another mayor. Because we are struggling where I living. I’m living at Mafora especially when it’s raining we must that we change shoes two times a day because we don’t have smart roads and we don’t have toilets even water we are struggling with water there.”

“So what they did it was right if a person doesn’t deliver to his people it’s better it they take that person off because the next person can come and do better job an better than the one taken off. So they did the right thing for me. I don’t see any problem about that.”

“I don’t say it’s a problem or not. The thing is our leaders must bring change to our people. Because there are so many things all our leaders go forward but I don’t see any changes. Now for these one must bring changes to us to our people.”

The ANC Women’s League (ANCWL) in a statement says it’s disappointed by members who work together with opposition parties to vote out those deployed by the ANC.