eSwatini King, Mswati III, has appointed former MTN eSwatini CEO Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini as the new Prime Minister. The King announced the appointment at a gathering at Sibaya stadium in the capital Mbabane on Saturday afternoon.


He will oversee implementation of measures to shape and uplift the eSwatini economy and has also been called upon to eradicate corruption.

Dlamini succeeds Sibusiso Dlamini who passed away last month. His appointment comes after last month’s elections that were seen by some observers as undemocratic but the King says it is important that the Prime Minister be someone who is accessible and open to advice by the nation.

The king has asked the nation to fully support and stand behind the new Prime Minister. He called upon the nation to work towards eradicating corruption as an impediment to economic growth.

The King has added there should be consequences for anyone found to be involved in corruption.