South Africa’s principled stance of supporting the freedom of the people of Palestine has been reaffirmed, this through the unveiling of a statue of former president Nelson Mandela in the west bank city of Ramallah.

The Ramallah Municipality laid out the red carpet as they hosted Palestinian President Mahmood Abbas, dignitaries, executives and VIPs, at the unveiling in Ramallah’s latest landmark, Nelson Mandela Square, in the prominent At-Tir neighbourhood.

The six-metre bronze statue of the world famous freedom fighter is a gift from the City of Joburg to the City of Ramallah, and a project close to the hearts of mayors Mousa Hadid and Parks Tau, who are both committed to a firm friendship between the cities.

South Africa’s Ambassador to Palestine Ashraf Suleman said South Africa had enhanced its strategic relationship with Palestine. Suleman said the presence of the delegation from the City of Johannesburg was indicative of the importance South Africa, at all levels of government and people, accords to the unique relationship between the countries.

Tuesday 26 April 2016 20:45