Mandela foundation unsurprised by Trump alleged utterances

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The Nelson Mandela Foundation has described as unsurprising alleged utterances by US President Donald Trump that he does not believe that struggle icon, Nelson Mandela, was a real leader.

Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, has outlined alleged incidents of racism in a new book – including Trump’s thoughts on South Africa and Madiba.

Cohen also alleges that Trump has praised apartheid-era South Africa.

Cohen’s tell-all memoir, as reported in the Washington Post, alleges that Trump has made numerous remarks directed at his predecessor, Barack Obama.

Mandela Foundation CEO Sello Hatang says Trump should understand the legacy of Madiba and instead work towards encouraging peace and unity

“We are not surprised by these utterances. We haven’t read the book, so we will make every effort to get copies of the book so we can familiarise ourselves with it. But this is consistent with the US “President’s kind of content.”

“Madiba’s legacy will stand very tall and it is time that he … built a different world, one that cares about lives. This is consistently the kind of racial utterances that is alleged to have been said by the US President before.”