Mandela Foundation to file urgent application against AfriForum’s Roets for displaying apartheid flag

Ernst Roets
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The Nelson Mandela Foundation says it will file an urgent application in the High Court in Johannesburg to declare lobby group AfriForum’s Ernst Roets actions in contempt of court.

Roets displayed the apartheid-era national flag on Twitter after the Equality Court which was sitting in the High Court ruled that gratuitous displays of the flag constituted hate speech, harassment and unfair discrimination.

Afriforum had opposed the application to declare the gratuitous display of the flag hate speech.

The foundation’s Luzuko Koti says they are of the view that Roet’s actions were in bad faith.

“We have decided to approach the court and file papers to seek relief based on the recent ruling of the court that any display of the old apartheid flag constitutes hate speech. And we think that a day after that ruling was made, to have someone do that kind of thing did not just undermine the court, but it undermines democracy as a whole.”