The Nelson Mandela Foundation says it is confident the High Court in Johannesburg will find AfriForum‘s CEO Ernst Roets, guilty of contempt of court for tweeting an image of the old South African flag.

Roets sent the tweet just hours after the Equality Court ruled that the gratuitous displays of the flag constituted hate speech, harassment and unfair discrimination.

The Foundation is of the view that Roets’ actions were in bad faith and in contempt of court.

Nelson Mandela Foundation CEO Sello Hatang says:” Well I think the Nelson Mandela Foundation presented a strong case in what we believe the court should make a decision on.”

“Reality is that all of us should abide by the law, none of us is above the law and we hope the court will agree with us.”

“That is doesn’t matter if you got the deepest pockets in the country and if the court says you cannot display the flag, it means it applies to AfriForum to, it applies to Roets.”

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