The late President Nelson Mandela did not want revenge on the perpetrators of Apartheid, which is why the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC ) was established.

This is according to advocate George Bizoz, who was reflecting on the 20 years after the TRC in an interview with the SABC’s Chriselda Lewis. HE said that he believes this was the correct decision at the time, as the alternative would have been a bloody civil war.

In the extensive, and emotional interview, Bizos speaks of success and failures of the TRC, painful moments, and people who could not face at the time, like Eugene de Kock.

But he says he supports the view of the late President Mandela, which was: let bygones be bygones, let’s look into the future – which he says we now have.

Bizoz also spoke on contemporary challenges that South Africa is facing such as the defacing of colonial statues, and xenophobic attacks, saying these acts are un-constitutional and not in accordance with what President Mandlea would like to see.

Monday 4 May 2015 13:00

For the full interview by Chriselda Lewis with Advocate Bizos, click below.