Mandatory vaccines at UCT is not an easy debate: Vice-chancellor Mamokgethi Phakeng

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University of Cape Town (UCT) vice-chancellor Mamokgethi Phakeng says the discussion around possibly implementing a policy for mandatory vaccines at the university is not an easy debate.

UCT confirmed that a proposal on mandatory vaccinations will be considered by its senate during a meeting.

The institution says it is expected that the matter will be debated fully before the council makes a final decision.

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Phakeng was speaking during an online engagement session with staff and students at the university.

“People have raised questions about making vaccines mandatory or not and of course it is a choice. But just think about it, as an institution, we also have a responsibility. So we also have to consider what’s the responsibility of an institution who parents hand over their children to you.”

“Where you have diversity of people on campus, which we should have. We must have these conversations and if it means that we don’t agree, then we don’t, but we must have them. We can’t just go on without them,” adds Phakeng.