Leader of the Mancoba Seven Angels Ministry at Ncobo in the Eastern Cape, Banele Mancoba says he is certain that his eldest brother Thandazile Mancoba was involved in the shooting of five police officers at Ngcobo Police Station on Wednesday.

Three Mancoba brothers are among the seven people that died during a shootout with police on Friday at the church compound. Police also recovered weapons stolen during the attack on the police station.

Ten people have been arrested, while the search for suspects that escaped continues.

Banele Mancoba says his brother has always been troublesome and was no longer staying at the church premises.

“I was not aware if he brought guns or what. I was excited because he came for greetings and stuff that was my understanding. I didn’t know that there were guns here. I think he did this on purpose, because of you killed someone how can you keep the weapons when you know they are looking for them. I think he knew what he was doing. The sad thing is he left the problem to me and now I must clean up the mess.”

Mancoba also defended the church saying they have not kept anyone on the premises against their will. He was responding to revelations that children were liberated from the facility during Friday’s police action.

“I’m now asking God if he can perhaps allow us to have a school in our premises. For instance we got teachers here, so it would be easier for us to educate them, of we are running away from the intruder in schools. As for where we stand, we never had any confirmation of that children must study here or what. We are going with the word of God and the holy spirit, if God did not say that I cannot move.”

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