Manana’s accomplices await sentencing

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Former Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training Mduduzi Manana’s accomplices will be sentenced at the end of this month for their role in the assault of three women at a Johannesburg night club.

Cyril Madonsela and Thulani Mdaka are both charged with assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Manana has since paid a R100 000 fine after pleading guilty to assaulting the women after they had called him gay.

Madonsela and Mdaka will hear their fate on the 27th of this month when their sentences are handed down.

Earlier their defence begged the court to not impose harsh sentences on the pair as they are first time offenders and bread winners for their families.

Social worker Yolanda Matika also submitted an assessment report on the accused and recommended that they attend a rehabilitation programme instead of being sentenced to direct imprisonment.

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