Manana not to speak at Shevolution gender event

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Former African National Congress (ANC) MP Mduduzi Manana has clarified that he will not be speaking at the Shevolution Africa gala dinner aimed to raise funds against gender-based violence.

This after activists against women abuse under the Total Shutdown Movement came out in strong criticism against Manana’s invitation.

The former MP made news last year after he was found guilty on three counts of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm after beating up three women at a Johannesburg night club.

A Spokesperson for the Total Shutdown Movement Loyiso Saliso says men found guilty of women abuse do not deserve such platforms to correct their behaviour.

“I find it really disgusting honestly that even as women, we must actually praise and give platforms such as these to abusers like Mduduzi Manana. To be honest with you, I don’t think that he’s actually apologetic about his actions judging by how quick he’s actually trying to clear up his image. Mduduzi Manana is a typical example of how perpetrators get off so lightly. The law needs to give them platforms in jail cells and in court to rectify themselves.”

Meanwhile, Shevolution Africa says while they note various concerns expressed by activists against women abuse, Manana will be present at the event and will form part of a panel discussion.

The organisation says including the voices of those who have been perpetrators of any form of abuse will help towards re-integrating them into society.

Read Shevolution Africa’s statement on the Facebook post below: