Manamela won’t reveal reasons behind her suspension

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Mpumalanga Police Commissioner Semakaleng Manamela has refused to come forth with information surrounding her suspension.

Manamela was addressing the media on her first day at work after a high court reversed her suspension. She was suspended last month following allegations of alleged misuse of power.

Reasons for her suspension were not made public. The North Gauteng High Court turned her suspension last week Thursday.

Zeph Mkhwanazi has been acting as the Provincial Commissioner during her suspension.

According to Manamela everything else surrounding her suspension will be dealt with by the National Commissioner’s office.

“There are other processes that are very much internal and in the issue of the suspension I want to put it up front that the national commissioner will be dealing with that one. The fact is that I was suspended, yes, and now I am back in the office. Any other development I think it’s still my national commissioner, (he) is still my supervisor (and) he will be in the better position to be able to articulate into that issue. Because at this stage, I believe they are still internal. If we can be given space regarding that point to be attended to.”