The Mamelodi Community Policing Forum east of Pretoria believes there are more people involved in the killing of Boko Haram gang members in the township.

An unknown gunman known only as John Wick has allegedly killed several gangsters over the past few weeks. Police confirmed that the Boko Haram leader, 35-year-old Given Mnguni, died in a hail of bullets near the N4 highway in Pretoria on Wednesday.

Mamelodi Community Policing Forum leader Eddie Mnguni claims that the deceased has been terrorising the community for a long time.

“It’s a relief and excitement to some of the people who have suffered under this organisation. The position of the CPF, we are saying that even before these 6 or 7 guys were killed a lot of people were killed, a lot of taxi owners, a lot of taxi executive member’s, business people. I’m happy because I have heard that PC is probing into these matters.”