Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema, has vowed to lodge a direct appeal with the Constitutional Court to unseal the CR17 bank statements. The High Court in Pretoria dismissed the case with costs earlier this month.

However, speaking during his party’s 8th anniversary on Monday, Malema claimed the refusal to unseal the documents was akin to capture of the judiciary.

Malema said it was amazing to hear the court say Ramaphosa’s ascendency to power was not in the public interest. He has also claimed that people who supported the president’s bid to lead the ANC at its 2017 national conference are now beneficiaries of state tenders.

“We must speak against the decision to refuse to unseal the CR17 documents by the North Gauteng High Court as an exhibition as a possible capture of the judiciary. The court has given no reasonable explanation as to why the president’s ascendency to power is not in the public interest. What type of a judge can say don’t unseal these documents even when there are allegations that there are names of judges in those documents. We want to guarantee you South Africans everybody who donated money into CR17 none of them has received a tender of less than 300 million all of them,” says Malema.

‘Engage citizens’

Malema also touched on the recent unrest that gripped parts of South Africa.

He has also called on president Cyril Ramphosa to go and speak to ordinary South Africans who took to the streets over the past two weeks, instead of setting soldiers on them.

Earlier, Malema also dismissed the president’s assertion that the events of the past two weeks were a failed insurrection. Malema said only despotic governments who have lost their legitimacy resort to setting the army on people who are not happy about the administration.

The firebrand EFF leader says if the president listens to his people, they will defend him instead of rising against him.

“We want to challenge Ramaphosa to remove the soldiers from the streets and confront the reality that our people are confronted with on daily basis. The brave leader will be amongst his people let them insult you let them tell you the problems they have and you must commit to solve their problems. I can guarantee you once you have listened to the masses of our people and you leave anyone who wants to agitate them against yourself the people themselves will say the president was here and the minsters were here they listened to us let’s give them a chance and see if they will not implement what we have told them,” says Malema.

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