EFF leader, Julius Malema, has encouraged all South Africans to fight for the land in order to work it and produce food for the nation.

Malema was addressing party members at Freedom Day celebrations in Atteridgeville west of Pretoria.

He says if freedom is anything to be celebrated, it must mean that all citizens have access to the land.  

He says it’s uncalled for that 90% of the land is still in the hands of the minority groups in South Africa.

Yet we are called upon to celebrate freedom day and landlessnesswithout food,” he added. 

Advocate Tembeka Ngcukaitobi talks about land injustice in the video below:

On the upcoming election, the EFF leader says while the party is ready, it will take a lot of effort and determination for his party to make it to the top during the upcoming local government elections because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Government announced last week that the elections will be taking place on October 27.  Malema had called for the elections to be postponed until 2024, saying that holding the elections this year would deprive opposition parties from campaigning freely and fairly.

When we say let’s postpone the elections, we want to see the behavior of the pandemic, because elections are rallies; elections are door to door. How can you do elections without door to door?

He said we must go to the elections. There’s no one who’s going to tell us we are many here. After we told them let’s not go to elections, no one is going to tell us we are many here,” he told EFF members. 

EFF Freedom Day rally address by its CIC Julius Malema: