Malema urges EFF members to know their communities

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Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Commander-in-Chief, Julius Malema has urged party members to know their wards and the people they serve.

Malema was presenting the EFF’s road map to next year’s elections to delegates at the Ground Forces Forum in Mbombela, Mpumalanga, on Saturday.

Malema has called for discipline. He warns members not to disrupt the activities of other political parties during their campaigns.

“Don’t use violence. We are going to run a clean campaign. People must elect us based on our manifesto not because we intimidated them. We don’t remove other political parties’ posters, remove EFF posters and put them back again if you are bored, don’t disrupt other people meeting please allowed them to campaign freely. Don’t prevent anyone from exercising their political rights,” Malema says.

He’s confident that his party will do well in the upcoming elections.


The EFF says it has suffered reputational damage following, allegations that it had falsified a proof-of-payment document for legal costs payment to lobby group – AfriForum.

The allegation went viral on social media. Standard Bank has since released a statement, confirming that the proof of payment document is authentic.

EFF Treasurer-General Omphile Maotwe says, “The party has suffered reputation damage and they will be engaging with their legal team to institute legal action.”

VIDEO | EFF Mpumalanga’s Ground Forces Forum underway in Mbombela:

The party says it is pleased with its growth in the province. It says it has registered over 2 900 new members in the recent past. -Additional reporting by Tumelo Machogo