Malema, Ndlozi back in court over “hate speech” case

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The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema and party MP, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi are today expected to be back in the High Court in Johannesburg, where the verdict on the singing of the song “Dubula iBhunu” or “Kill the Boer” is expected to be delivered.

The lobby group Afriforum took the pair to court over the singing of the song during the Brendin Horner murder case in the Free State last year.

Horner, a farm manager, died after being strangled on the farm on which he worked.

Judge Edwin Molahlehi is expected to deliver the verdict on the constitutionality of the controversial song today.

AfriForum argued that the pair is guilty of inciting violence and hate speech by singing the “Kill the Boer” song.

They want sanctions to be imposed on the pair and a public apology.

VIDEO: Legal battle between AfriForum and EFF over “shoot the boer” song continues:

During the trial, Malema argued that the song was part of the country’s heritage and did not amount to giving a command.

The legal tilt over the song dates back to 2011, when Malema was still leader of the ANC Youth League.

The Equality Court found that Malema was guilty of hate speech, effectively barring him from singing the song.

It is on this basis that Afriforum also wants the EFF leader to be found in contempt of court.

However, speaking on the sidelines of the case earlier this year, EFF Secretary-General Marshall Dlamini said the party’s conduct would not be dictated to by the lobby group.