Malema appeals to EFF members to face racism toe-to-toe

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Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has appealed to thousands of party members to face racism toe-to-toe. EFF members attended the party’s rally in Senekal to protect state assets, as they claimed.

He was speaking outside the Senekal Magistrate’s Court, where the bail application of two accused in the murder of a farm manager rolled over until Monday.

EFF members march to Senekal:

Two suspects were applying for bail following their arrest for the murder of farm manager, Brendin Horner.

Last week, white farmers overturned and burnt a police van while also firing live ammunition around the Senekal Magistrate’s Court, where two suspects appeared.

Stark political and racial divisions laid bare; the red berets in their numbers to defend state assets. On the other side, the Afrikaner farming community calling for an end to farm killings.

Racial, political and economic segregation playing out in a small Free State town.

The EFF leader says the party will no longer accept apologies of racists.

“We don’t accept any sorry anymore that are not accepted by anything. Take Clicks for example; they gave Sanitary towels.”

Malema says despite many cautioning the party against going to Senekal, they didn’t cowardly run away leaving racism unchallenged.

“Look at the racists in their eyes and say to the racist, toe-to-toe; ‘this is our land. This land we will defend it with our blood. This land we will defend it with our bodies; we are prepared to die for South Africa. Thank you for being the brave fighters all over Free State to defend your dignity and to defend the dignity of all those black cowards who are scared of white people. Tell them even if they are cowards, we will defend them.”

Malema has called on party members to fearlessly pursue the struggle for land expropriation without compensation. Malema says their stance in Senekal is to stop racism that may have spread across the country.

Wrapping up Senekal events with Samkele Maseko:

Farm murders

Malema downplayed farm murders, saying the whole situation has been racialised.

Meanwhile, the Freedom Front Plus says it laid a complaint against Malema with the Human Rights Commission over the singing of “Kill the Boer” during the protest. In 2003, the HRC declared the song, which calls for the murder of white farmers, hate speech.

Malema has not yet responded to that complaint.

“There is no farm murders in SA, there are no white farmers being killed in SA. In SA, there are women being killed, there are children being killed. Those are the people who deserve our special attention; not the privileged white old racist who are unable to adjust to the new conditions because they are used to being called ‘baas, baas,’ ” Malema said.

Julius Malema addresses EFF supporters in Senekal: