Malema accuses State Capture Commission of being biased against Zuma

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Economic Freedom Fighter leader, Julius Malema, has complained that the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture is biased against former President Jacob Zuma.

Addressing the media in Johannesburg, Malema reacted to news that Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo has allowed former SARS Commissioner Tom Moyane to cross-examine Pravin Gordhan, subject to certain conditions.

His questions must pertain, for example, to Gordhan’s allegation that the laying of criminal charges against him was motivated by Moyane’s malicious pursuit of State capture objectives. Malema says it’s not fair.

“You’ve never called a press conference to address us about Pravin, when Pravin said in the morning, sorry I’m going to work today. Cabinet is where Pravin works, Zondo didn’t have harsh words for Pravin, because Pravin is a darling, he controls the investigations and the leading person there.”

The video below is the briefing in full: 

Zuma accuses State Capture Commission of using his children against him

Meanwhile, former President  Zuma accused the Commission of using his children against him.

In a strongly-worded statement, Zuma described as utter cowardice attempts to target his children by way of, what he called, clandestine investigations into matters that have nothing to do with them.

He referenced last week’s Sunday Times report which alleged that the Commission has subpoenaed his children’s bank accounts. According to the article, the country’s major South African banks have been ordered to provide bank records dating back to 2016.

In the statement, the former President pleaded with law enforcement agencies, media, banks and the Zondo Commission to leave his children alone. He said they were not in government and should not be dragged into battles designed to destroy him.

Zuma said this harassment of his children is a declaration of war, which he will fight with all he has.

Zuma vs Zondo

In September, Zuma asked State Capture Commission Chairperson, Deputy Chief Judge Raymond Zondo, to recuse himself as the chair. In a letter his lawyer Eric Mabuza sent to the Commission, Zuma says he feels that Zondo is biased against him and therefore, must step aside and allow a different judge to preside over the State Capture Commission.

This followed Zondo’s unwillingness to negotiate with Zuma and his legal team on a date when he should appear before the Commission. The Deputy Chief Justice said Zuma would be summoned to appear from 16 to 20 November as many of the witnesses have mentioned his name during their evidence on state capture and the Guptas.

State Capture Commission issues new dates for Jacob Zuma’s appearance: