A male-only wellness centre Philandoda clinic built near an Eshowe Taxi Rank has a chance of achieve the UNAids 90-90-90 goal by the target date of 2020. That is according the Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

The organisation will release results of a 90-90-90 survey conducted at the clinic and some parts of Eshowe at the SA Aids Conference scheduled for Durban next week.

The UNAids goal for world countries to be achieved is for 90% people to know their HIV status, 90% of those infected to be on treatment and 90% of those who are HIV position to have a suppress viral load.

The Philandoda Clinic in Eshowe is exclusive for male patients and run by men only. It focuses among others, the treatment of both TB and HIV.

It is believed men are slow in test and get treatment for HIV on time, many citing discomfort in sharing information with females medical staff.

Male patients say that they are uncomfortable discussing their issues with female nurses.

“In one incident, I went to a clinic because I had an STI. When I got there, the female nurse had no time for me and I was uncomfortable to tell her my problem. I ended up saying I was there because I had a cough. She gave me medication while I knew very well that that was not my problem,” says one patient.

This clinic does, however, experience some challenges.

Nurse Cebo Ngobese says that, at times, patients come drunk.

“There are some challenges. Sometimes, you will find that guys come here being drunk and they will tell you that they were trying to be brave to come for test because they are scared. And we will tell them we can’t do test because he is drunk and we will tell them that we do pre-counselling and post counselling irrespective of the test.”

Dr Elizabeth Ohler from MSF says that they did a survey at the taxi rank.

“We did a survey at a taxi rank amongst the men, to really understand what makes it difficult for them to go to the clinic and how they would have and preferred services provided to them. What came out is that men find it very important to have to service provided confidentially, not have long waiting queues.”

A survey conducted in the Eshowe area and Philando clinic already show that the 90-90-90% target could be achieved.

The Doctors Without Borders are confident that the fight against HIV and Aids could be won.